Looking for lost friends and colleagues

11 Feb

Canada. forties Brick Power are you there? Met your brother a few years ago in Moncton NB

Harry Rich- how are you and your wife. Sara and I have fond memories of visiting your house on the coast? Was it Shediac?

Father Louis Kingston who I met ast St Thomas’s College in Chatham New Brunswick came to England years and years ago. Do you remember?

Any one else who went to Mountain Road Primary school in Moncton N>B> in the early 40s I remember Miss harrison singing in her big hat?

Paint Research Station. Teddington,In the late 40s. Anyone alive and kicking who worked at the PRS. Penny, Wendy, Bims and her sister Nan (who went to New Zealand) Goodley, Barraclough, Barnard-Smith, Arles and two others whose names escape me at present.I have just remembered one of them. ¬†Maxwell and I went for a cycling holiday to the peak district ¬†We went via the place where Gracie Fields came from to see Maxwell’s aunt and uncle. They introduced us to fish , chips and peas – the peas being mushy. I remember his aunt had a very square teapot and her filling it up three times because we were so thirsty. I remember being shaken considerably by riding over cobbles through Manchester and having to stop at a Garage to get a nut and bolt because the shaking had loosened one of my mudguards

Hello world!

11 Feb

I am excited at the prospect to speak to the world. I am annoyed at my self for incompetence. My first attempt has disappeared into the ether seemingly.